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Apologies and general ramblings

9 May

I would like to apologise for my inconsistent postings.  There is no excuse, I have simply struggled with different aspects of my life and it has had a knock on effect with this, sorry 😦

Well today marks the third week of injecting.  Last week I injected in the afternoon half an hour before I would have picked my son up from school (he was on half term, so ideal time to try).  Things seemed to be okay, I was trying to avoid him being up when the shakes etc. kicked in.  The first week, I had to inject in the morning, it was just the timing of the Nurse coming out.  Unfortunately by the time I got home with my son I was in full grasp of the side effects and I didn’t want to repeat that.  I was very pleased that the intensity didn’t happen, so I am hopeful this week will be the same 🙂

The pen is very easy, I do feel apprehensive just before I press the button but I’m sure that is pretty uniform for everyone, I mean who likes injecting themselves?

I had a pretty scary moment yesterday, my legs felt the heaviest they had ever been.  I walked my son to school quite slowly.  I walked home very slowly and I felt like my walking was weird, awkward.  I was very aware of people behind me and that I was holding them up but I thought they can cope as they wouldn’t want to swap eh!  I made it home (very short journey) got indoors and then turned into Wallace in the Wrong Trousers.  Each step reminded me of that episode and I was giggling at the same time as being very frightened.  I have a feeling that will become a pattern with these symptoms!  They recovered after a while but it was an unwelcome preview into the future.

I have started Physio and boy did she work me!  She was helpful and said that we have to start very slowly.  I have to go once a week to the Hospital Gym and do 2 minutes on various machines, march on a square of sponge and walk on a running machine for a few minutes.  She makes me go faster on that one as I have long legs, first time I’ve been punished for that!  I found out the worst thing to say to a Physio is help me help myself.  I do want to help myself, stay as active as possible, I am responsible for my own quality of life.  Trouble is, my body is screaming at me to sit the hell down, have tea or coffee and do nothing.  I have a daily conflict with this but I figure that there will be plenty of time to sit when the ol wheelchair days loom close so for now I will use my legs as and when I can and that window is getting less and less.

As a newly diagnosed person, I have to admit to hating the saying, I have MS but it doesn’t have me.  Erm, yes it does have me but what it doesn’t have is my attitude towards it.