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Get the popcorn in!!

21 Aug

Blimey, it’s kicking off on the newly diagnosed, pre-diagnosis section of the forum.

A new member is causing quite a stir but I am finding it rather entertaining and sad at the same time.  The very first post I admit to biting, politely mind you, and nothing came of it.  I explained I was very tired and very sensitive and I should have stayed away.

Anyhoo, the last week has seen posts that can be described as angry, paranoid, accusatory, threatening and very antagonistic.  I know I haven’t completed my counselling training but this person would make a good candidate for counselling.  This is what I find sad.  I can literally feel this person desperately trying to find an alternative diagnosis, grasping at any straw to change the outcome.  Irritating other members to within an inch of our lives, only to want support and answers to questions not even the best Neuro could answer.  They have zero social ability and I just am at a complete loss.  I am ashamed to say, I have read and ignored every post since my blip.

Karen would be so good in this situation as I believe her knowledge would have helped quash her irrational paranoid thinking.  This person wants us to put up with poor behaviour because of the suggestion we all have Lymes disease and should be tested immediately.  Er, news flash numb nuts, it is tested for as standard, or so I believe.

I hope they find peace soon, as I am worried about newbies having their nervous first posts hijacked with very unacceptable comments and own agenda swings at anyone brave enough to admit they work for the NHS!!

I am too tired for all this and at my age as well (rolls eyes, te he).  Talking of tired, what the hell am I playing at, it’s 11.15pm!!  Is that sirens I can hear, MS Police, ooh noo !!


A hard pill to swallow

16 Aug

Acceptance that is.

There are many negatives about MS but for me right now, it is my vision of myself.  When I closed my eyes, I always had hope of getting my green Vet Nurses uniform and proudly carrying out my duties with all that great knowledge to boot.  This is fading and fast.  I have had the opportunity to work 5 mornings this week and only managed 2.  It has left me so fatigued, I’m shocked at how bad and I feel very upset by it.  To top it off, we are taking our son to Legoland tomorrow and he as been waiting a long time.  I am dreading it and my mind was turned around by a great post by Stumbling, I need to adapt to the situation.  I can walk yes, so that makes me feel that I should walk around the site, battle through it.  I already feel like a sack of spuds, so why not hire a wheelchair and go round without any hassle for my son?  We will have the ability to enjoy the day without worrying about mummy all the time.  The one thing I cannot stand is being a burden!

i will report back hopefully with a success story 🙂