11 Apr

The much dreaded operation happened on March 25th.  I was incredibly nervous and not just because of the operation itself.  My MS has given me the lovely dry retching episodes and this happens intensely when I am nervous.  I do have a remedy and that is to suck on a polo mint, simple but very effective.  Unfortunately, it is on the must not do list before an operation – yikes!!

Anyway, I managed it (not sure how), lots of very deep breathing and strange looks.  Many hours passed and I was starting to think they had forgotten about me as I was on the morning list.  It turns out that the first op took longer and the surgeon wanted to operate on an elderly lady first.  I didn’t mind and I hope they are both doing well.

My fear of being put under general anaesthetic was the issue and I can honestly say it was fine and I cannot believe I am saying that.  It was truly okay and not unpleasant or weird at all.

The shock came afterwards, the news that I did not have Endometriosis.  I was so thrilled, what great news.

It turns out that after my C-section, my body healed wrong and I formed adhesions between my uterus and omentum (the layer we have that covers our internal organs, like a curtain).  I have yet to find out exact details as I am due to see the surgeon next month.  The staff were a little awkward, not in a bad way, its just once they found out how much we had been through trying to conceive our second child, it became apparent that this could have been the reason rather than the bollocks diagnosis of unexplained secondary infertility that so many couples get lumbered with.  It is utter crap in my opinion, pregnancy is a biological process, therefore if pregnancy does not happen there is a reason for it.

My surgeon is great, funny, lovely and I so wished I had met him 5/6 years ago.  I wasn’t investigated, i.e. referred to him or a colleague and it really isn’t fair on him to have to break the news that this operation could have helped us.

There is no guarantee of course but we will never know.


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